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Tabbed Command Prompt

Instead of opening new command prompt windows, PromptPal gives you the option of simply opening new tabs in an existing window.

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An Uncluttered Task Bar

PromptPal optionally organizes your windows in a tabbed interface keeping your taskbar blissfully uncluttered. You can have a mixture of command prompt and PowerShell tabs, tabs open at different directories, even tabs running under different user accounts and at different privilege levels – all within a single window.



Open, Close And switch between tabs quickly and easily

If you wish to create a new command session, just select New Tab from the File menu OR use the handy shortcut CTRL+T.

To flick between tabs quickly, you may find the shortcut CTRL+F6 more convenient than clicking on the tabs with your mouse.

If you wish to close the current tab, choose "Close Tab" from the file menu or click the close button on the far right-hand side of the tabs themselves.

Use different shells, Run as Administrator, Run as different user

Select “New Tab Advanced” from the File menu to create a tab using a different underlying console. The traditional command prompt and PowerShell are supported by default, but you can also specify any compatible 3rd party shell.


The same screen lets you launch the tab with full administrator privileges and under a different user account. These two options can be combined to give you an administrator shell running as a different user in a single step.


Set the defaults for new tabs

You can change the default shell and initial directory that PromptPal uses for new tabs, and optionally you can specify an initial command that always executes when a tab opens.


Save Tabs between sessions

Your current working set of tabs can be saved so that the next time you launch PromptPal you can carry on working where you left off.


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