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Release History

Release Date
v2.1.1 16th May 2014
- Added: Configuration option to limit autocomplete popup width for very long items.
- Updated Help file.
- Updated Installer.
v2.1 12th July 2013
- Added: When "Right-click performs edit->paste" is disabled, right-click now brings up edit context menu.
- Updated Help file.
- Updated Installer.
v2.0.1 26th April 2013
Added: Add robocopy to list of recognized commands with info.
Added: Add right click for paste.
Added: If default directory has not been set, new tab starts at same directory as current tab.
Fixed: On startup, view displayed does not match selected tab.
Fixed: CTRL+Z is blocked on Windows 8
Fixed: History not being collected in some cases.
Fixed: Bad path substitution in Edit -> Insert File
Fixed: Crash if tab creation as different user fails
v2.0 4th April 2013

- Totally rewritten internally to put you closer to the underlying command shell. Commands that formerly required special treatment in PromptPal v1 just work normally in v2, e.g. More, Telnet, NSLOOKUP etc.
- Support for Windows PowerShell and other shells of your choosing.
- Integrated support for "Run as different user", which can even be combined with "Run as Administrator"
- Optional initial command for all new tabs
- Toolbar control over command completion options (simple on/off toggles)
- Command history is separate after tab creation.
- Pass-thru for CTRL+D and any other key combos not mapped to a menu item.
- Windows 8 compatibility improved
- Dropped compatibility with Windows 2000
- Dropped taskbar band (only applicable to 32bit XP)

v 1.5.9 10th February 2010
- Fix: Prevented appearance of auxiliary windows in Win 7
- Fix: Shell extensions now work on 64-bit OSes
- Updated Installer
v1.5.8 25th Aug 2008

- Improved compatibility with non-English systems that frequently use special characters (e.g German umlaut)
- Added ability to change info bar text & background color (File->Configure->Preferences Tab)
- Updated Installer

v1.5.7 23rd Jan 2008

- Improved switch parsing when adding new commands - now more tolerant of blank line placement
- Abort command now clears drop lists and clears any partially entered command
- Shift-Tab now works backwards during file auto-complete

v1.5.6 24th Oct 2007

- Further installer improvements for Vista.
- Added ability to toggle line wrapping (View -> Word Wrap)
- Added new Explorer context menu command: "Open PromptPal at containing folder"
- Changed default font to Courier New (looks better on LCD monitors)

v1.5.5.2 4th July 2007

- Fix: the EXIT command is handled correctly for all tabs.
- The post-install launch method has been changed for Vista

v1.5.5.1 10th April 2007

- Installer modified to get round a remaining DEP problem under Vista / Server 2003 SP2

v1.5.5 1st Mar 2007

- Changes to increase compatibility with various security software, and with hardware DEP on Vista.
- Fix to drag and drop problem under Vista
- Whitespace no longer stripped from command line (better for Python interpreter, for example)
- FTP now set to launch in external console
- Existing licensed users will need an updated license code - it's free, just follow the instructions within PromptPal itself.

v1.5.4 4th Jan 2007

- Windows Vista compatibility, based on Vista RC2
- New Vista-specific "elevated" tabs
- Improved handling of Favorites on Command Menu

v1.5.3 8th Nov 2006

- Windows Vista compatibility, based on Vista RC2
- New Vista-specific "elevated" tabs
- Improved handling of Favorites on Command Menu

v1.5.2 11th Sept 2006

- Fix: recognition of current directory now working again
- Added Cancel facility to File->Configure screen

v1.5.1 23rd Aug 2006

- Search facility added

v1.5 26th July 2006

- Added in-built printing support, with print preview and printing of current selection.
- Improvements when handling extremely heavy output from a command.

v1.4.6 15th May 2006

- PromptPal now has its own version of the popular Tail command. This can be used to keep tabs on text log files, showing new entries as they are added to the end of the file. PromptPal's Tail can work with most common file formats and encoding schemes including PC, Unix, ANSI, Unicode and UTF-8.
- New time-saver when pasting: pasted text is always added to the current command line. This makes it easier to borrow from previous commands and output when building a new command.
- Fix: typing commands that start with Windows reserved filenames (e.g. "con", "nul") no longer locks up the info bar.
- Fix: Popup lists now try to avoid screen area consumed by taskbar and app bars.

v1.4.5 16th Mar 2006

- Added the ability to choose your own keyboard shortcuts for commonly used menu commands
- Added "Select all pane text" command
- Optionally, use of Scroll-Lock key now prevents automatic scrolling as new output arrives. See - Preferences page in Configuration screen.
- TAB key now cycles through path auto-complete options when popup list is disabled
- Added CTRL+TAB shortcut (in addition to CTRL+F6) to cycle through open tabs

v1.4 30th Jan 2006

- Added optional save/restore of tab set
- Added ability to name tabs
- Added ability to re-order tabs by drag and drop
- Added ability to selectively enable/disable autocomplete
- Fix: $ character no longer blocked by auto-complete list
- Fix: drawing issue in single pane mode when multiple tabs are active
- Fix: CLS command now clears appropriate PromptPal pane

v1.3 6th Nov 2005

- Added tabbed interface with optional single window mode
- Added clear pane command
- Added path quoting assistance
- Added instant path complete via Tab key
- Added optional automatic path substitution for new user-defined commands
- Improvements to path completion
- Improved handling of parameterized commands by the band
- Several minor bug-fixes

v1.2 30th Sept 2005

- Added full path auto-complete. Now seeks out matching files and folders as well as paths from the history.
- Added option to select whether the path auto-complete should seek out folders only, files only, both or none.
- Added option to choose whether the space bar should select from auto-complete lists. Default is "off".
- Added option to execute immediately after a selection is made in the taskbar band's list
- Various cosmetic improvements

v1.1 29th Aug 2005

- Taskbar band now has a browser-style "Go" button. You can show/hide the button and change its base color from PromptPal's Configure screen.
- Pane docking sensitivity adjusted - the panes are much easier to drag out now.
- Focus and text selection improved for the band
- New context commands for the band: "New PromptPal Window" and "Strike
Selected Command From History"
- Hotkey to instantly set focus to the band (right-click in the band's
edit box and select from the menu)
- Can designate certain commands as "favorites", so they're never lost
from the command history
- Select All added to PromptPal's main window

v1.0 1st Aug 2005 First public release




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