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A User-friendly Interface for the Windows Command Prompt

PromptPal is a replacement GUI (graphical user interface) for the command prompt and Powershell console. It does not replace the command processor itself - every instruction runs through Microsoft's consoles behnd the scenes. The difference is that with PromptPal you get to compose your commands and view the results in a modern and helpful Windows program.

Windows-style editing

  • Copy and paste using the conventional Windows keyboard shortcuts or shortcuts of your choice.
  • Drag-and-drop text within PromptPal and between PromptPal and other Windows programs.
  • Insert paths into the command line using standard Windows file and folder browsers, and by dragging files onto the PromptPal window.


Command completion assistance to save time and finger wear

  • Command Completion - PromptPal recognizes over 140 commands, suggesting likely matches as you type. When you see the command you're after, just take it from the popup list and save on typing. The same help is provided for command switches!
  • Command History - PromptPal maintains a history of command lines - not just within one editing session like the console, but across all sessions AND all open PromptPal windows. If you type a command line into one PromptPal window, that command will be instantly available in all other PromptPal windows. A similar history also helps you to type in frequently used paths.
  • Syntax Help - As soon as a command is recognized, PromptPal displays helpful information about its parameters, switches and effects in a resizeable toolbar.
  • Add You Own Commands - If you have command line utilities that aren't recognized by PromptPal, that's no problem - it's easy to add them to PromptPal's collection.




Add commonly used commands to your favorites list for quick and easy re-use.


Search Facility

PromptPal's Find facility lets you search for a specific piece of text within the current tab.


Save commands/results to file

You can save all or part of a tabís contents out to a text file. Furthermore, PromptPal can filter the text as follows to save on editing:

  • Remove command prompts - PromptPal can strip all the "c:\xxxxx>" text that the command processor emits at the start of a new line.
  • Rejoin broken lines - PromptPal will attempt to rejoin blocks of text that have been broken over several lines by the command processor.


Optional tabbed interface [more]

Instead of opening new PromptPal windows, you have the option of simply opening new tabs in an existing window. This is much faster than opening a new window, and allows you to switch between different command sessions very quickly and easily.


Integration with Windows Explorer

PromptPal adds a "Open PromptPal Here" command to the popup menu for drives and folders. When selected, PromptPal opens up with the current directory already set.


Highly Configurable [more]

The appearance and behaviour of PromptPal command prompt replacement can be customised.


Special Features for Windows 8, 7 & Vista [more]

Recent versions of Windows have a much improved security model compared to their predecessors, but that same security can be a source of irritation for an administrator who's just trying to get a job done quickly. To help you work faster, PromptPal allows you to open tabs with full administrator privileges. Such tabs have a number of advantages:

  • They offer full access to all administrator commands
  • You only see the elevation prompt when you create the tab. Thereafter, operations you perform in that tab will typically be free of further interruptions.
  • Any utility or application you launch from the tab inherits full administrator privileges, making it a very convenient launch-pad for a variety of tasks.


Print and Save to File

Print all or part of console window, or save console contents to text file in a single step.




Free Command Line Utilities [more]

PromptPal ships with the following free command line utilities.

  • Windows Version of the Unix Tail Command
    PromptPal now has its own version of the popular Tail command. This can be used to keep tabs on text log files, showing new entries as they are added to the end of the file. PromptPal's Tail can work with most common file formats and encoding schemes including PC, Unix, ANSI, Unicode and UTF-8.
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